New Application Form

As of June 3, 2019, vehicle trim levels and their corresponding MSRPs will be listed on the eligible vehicle list. Trims must fall below the CEVforBC’s MSRP threshold of $77,000 in order to be eligible for a vehicle incentive.

Please ensure that all correct documents and information are included in your application (follow the Dealer Application Checklist closely)

CEVforBC™ Applications must be submitted within 15 days of the date of sale, in order to be eligible for funding. 

If incomplete application documentation is submitted to the NCDA, funding reserved by the application will be returned to the Program funding pool after 90 days. If the incomplete application information is not provided by the dealership, pending applications will NOT be honoured beyond the 90-day limit.

Declaration (Required)
I, (customer name) , acknowledge receipt of the (Individual/Business/Fleet Name) ‘Clean Energy Vehicles for British Columbia’ Point of Sale Rebate in the amount of $ , which is available to purchasers of Eligible Clean Energy Vehicles. This Rebate is deducted AFTER TAXES off the final vehicle sale price of for my new (Year, model,make) with VIN# *