CEVforBC Manual Submission Form

Use this form ONLY for applicants who have purchased (A sale is deemed completed and consummated when the purchaser of the vehicle has paid the purchase price, or, in lieu thereof, has signed a purchase contract or security agreement and taken physical possession or delivery of the vehicle) before June 22, 2019 or applicants who reserved their vehicles before June 22, 2019 (evidenced by either their dealers submitting an OEM Order application to the CEVforBC program to reserve their incentive prior to June 22, 2019, or by a vehicle order with deposit made before June 22, 2019). Click here for the form, fill it out and send it to by email to cev@newcardealers.ca ALONG with the supporting documents of the deal you want to submit.

The supporting documents must include the ICBC Insurance paperwork, the proof of deposit on or before June 21, and an OEM purchase order along with the Bill of Sale/Lease Agreement, Dealer Application Checklist and Letter of Received Rebate.

The email subject line should be as: "Manual Submission - VIN #".