Original Equipment Manufacturers New Clean Energy Vehicle Approvals

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) must fill out a Vehicle Eligibility Application (attach OEM application for new vehicle incentive eligibility pdf) and all supporting documentation to BC Ministry of Energy and Mines to submit new vehicle models for consideration. The list of Eligible Vehicle Models for the CEV Program will be periodically updated as manufacturers submit applications and vehicle models are approved. 

The BC Ministry of Energy and Mines will work with the vehicle manufacturer to ensure that all the required documentation is received and request any additional information needed to make an eligibility determination. 

If the vehicle meets the eligibility requirements then the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines will add the vehicle to the list of Eligible Vehicle Models, calculate the incentive amount, and provide the updated list to the NCDA. The Vehicle will then be added to the official list on The BC Ministry of Energy and Mines will be responsible for getting the information to the NCDA in a timely manner to assign a start date.

Please note: **Vehicles purchased prior to the vehicle being added to the List of Eligible Vehicle Models are not eligible for a point of sale incentive.