A qualified Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that is eligible to receive a vehicle incentive under the CEV Program will also receive an additional $1,000 point-of-sale incentive, known as the “fuelling point-of-sale incentive”. This additional incentive is to offset the current barrier of limited hydrogen fuelling locations for fuel cell vehicles. This incentive is also not part of the price negotiation process; the dealership will be required to deduct the fuelling point-of-sale incentive for each eligible hydrogen fuel cell vehicle off the final vehicle price.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Rebate will also applied on leased vehicles depending on the term of the lease and whether the vehicle is used for personal or fleet purposes as shown below. To qualify for the full value of the incentive, a minimum 36-month lease term is required. If the applicant breaks the lease, the applicant will be required to return the difference between the original lease time incentive and the actual lease time incentive.

The additional $1,000 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Rebate will be applied on leased vehicles as shown in the following table:

Term of
Applicable Incentive for
Applicable Incentive for
12 33.3% 0%
24 66.7% 0%
36 100% 100%

*NOTE: Fleet vehicle are not eligible for 12 month or 24 month lease incentives