Eligible CEVforBC™ Vehicles

CEVforBC™ Eligible Vehicles List

To download the PDF of Eligible CEVforBC™ Vehicles list, please click here. (Last updated April 7, 2021)

Please Note: Effective June 22, 2019, vehicles with a MSRP of over $55,000 will not be considered eligible for the program. For the CleanBC Go Electric Vehicle Rebate Program purposes, optional accessories and other fees (such as destination, documentation, etc.) do not affect the vehicle's eligibility for the rebate. As long as the vehicle model and trim level are included in the list of eligible vehicles, and the trim level's MSRP is equal to or lower than $55,000, the vehicle is eligible.

Dates for additional incentives will be posted as new eligible vehicle models are approved by the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines. 

Vehicle models will be approved by BC Ministry of Energy and Mines, on a model year basis and placed on a List of Eligible Vehicle Models. A continuously updated list of eligible vehicles and incentive amounts will be maintained on the www.cevforbc.ca website. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) must submit a Vehicle Eligibility Application to BC Ministry of Energy and Mines to have a vehicle(s) considered for CEV Program eligibility after April 1, 2015 that are not on the original list of eligible vehicles. BC Ministry of Energy and Mines is responsible for providing the NCDA with the current list of eligible vehicles and the corresponding incentive amounts.

Clean Energy vehicles included in this program include light duty vehicles that use hydrogen or electricity as their primary fuel source. The program provides incentives for British Columbia purchasers or lessees of clean energy vehicles, including

  • Electric vehicles (EVs) (which include battery electric vehicles (BEVs).
  • Plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).
  • Extended range electric vehicles (ER-EV).
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).

BC Ministry of Energy and Mines reserves the right to adjust the incentive amounts as necessary based on market performance; the incentive may decline each 12 month period of the program.

Vehicle Incentive Amounts

BC Ministry of Energy and Mines has established incentive amounts based on vehicle type and battery range. Battery electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with a battery range of 85 kilometers or higher are eligible for the full incentive amount of $3,000, and plug-in hybrids with a battery range of less than 85 kilometers are eligible for an incentive of $1,500.