Program Changes Are In Effect – After Tax Incentives

Regarding the administration of CEV, applications are up 124% from this time last year. This means increased delays in your application approvals. Additionally, we are finding more incomplete or incorrectly filled out paperwork coming in from dealerships which is delaying the approval and thus the payout of applications.

We are concerned around the completion of paperwork and we are finding many applications with errors. Please update your staff who submit CEV applications and familiarize them with the latest Dealership Manual and Application Checklist here

Please ensure you are using the latest Letter of Received Rebate
Check out this step-by-step application process video here

Please note that effective December 1st, 2017, the CEVforBC incentive will no longer be a pre-tax deduction. The incentive must now be applied AFTER taxes are calculated. The value of rebates received on or after December 1, 2017 are included in the purchase price or lease price of the vehicle (i.e. the rebates do not reduce the purchase price for the purposes of the PST & GST).

Thank you for your attention to this matter. For any questions regarding CEVforBC™, please contact Shakira Maqbool, CEVforBC Program Administrator (Phone: 604-214-9965 EXT 222 or email:

About the Program

The CEV Program is intended to build on British Columbians’ awareness and knowledge from the previous CEV Program and further develop the marketplace for electric and hydrogen vehicles in British Columbia. The purpose of this incentive program is to continue to encourage clean energy vehicle deployment and technology innovation in British Columbia. The vision for the CEV Program is to stimulate the market such that by 2020 5% of new vehicle purchases in British Columbia are clean energy vehicles and to create training, job and economic development opportunities in the clean transportation sector in British Columbia.

The vehicle incentive in the CEV Program enables the purchaser or lessee of an eligible vehicle to receive a  point of sale vehicle incentive of up to $5,000 (additional up to $1,000 for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for fuelling). The incentive amounts will be reviewed yearly to determine if they are appropriate for the marketplace. BC Ministry of Energy and Mines reserves the right to adjust the incentive amounts as necessary based on market performance; the incentive may decline each 12 month period of the program.

Please note:

  • This incentive is not part of the price negotiation process; the dealership will be required to deduct the incentive amount off the final vehicle price for each clean energy vehicle (after tax).
  • No vehicle purchased prior to April 1, 2015 shall be considered for an incentive.

Clean Energy vehicles included in this program include light duty vehicles that use hydrogen or electricity as their primary fuel source. This program benefits the citizens of British Columbia by providing immediate emission reductions and stimulating development and deployment of the next generation of clean energy vehicles.  The program provides incentives for British Columbia purchasers or lessees of clean energy vehicles, including

  • Electric vehicles (EVs) (which include battery electric vehicles (BEVs).
  • Plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).
  • Extended range electric vehicles (ER-EV).
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).

Dates for additional incentives will be posted as new eligible vehicle models are approved by the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines. Specific incentive amounts for each eligible vehicle model is included on the program webpage 

The CEV Incentive Program will be administered and implemented through a partnership between the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines and the New Car Dealers Association of British Columbia (NCDA).

For the purposes of this program:

  • The date of purchase shall be the day of sale.
  • A sale is deemed completed and consummated when the purchaser of the vehicle has paid the purchase price, or, in lieu thereof, has signed a purchase contract or security agreement and taken physical possession or delivery of the vehicle.
  • A vehicle shall be deemed to be leased on the date upon which the lease of the vehicle commences, which is typically specified in a signed lease agreement.
  • A vehicle OEM order will be considered the day the order is accepted by the OEM and a deposit has been placed by customer to allow reservation of the vehicle incentive amount.
  • Incentive amounts will be reserved for up to 90 days for OEM order vehicles; if a vehicle sale is not completed within the 90 days, the reserved incentive funds for that vehicle will be re-allocated to the general incentive funds available.  Incentive funds expended, reserved and remaining will be tracked on the CEVforBC website tracker. 


Dealerships that sell or lease CEVs during the program duration, play a critical role in educating consumers and making sure that they are aware of the point of sale incentive program. The NCDA will work with and provide Dealerships with appropriate marketing material and information pertaining to the CEV Incentive Program.